Monday, December 5, 2016

Bring manufacturing home? Let's start with Ivanka Trump's $100 million made-in-Asia apparel line

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 14:  Ivanka Trump Visits "FOX & Friends" at FOX Studios on September 14, 2016 in New York City.  (Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images)
Will you bring your own line home to be made in the U.S.A?
From Daily Kos 
Want to bring manufacturing back home? Let's start with Ivanka Trump's clothing line:
Ivanka Trump’s $100 million apparel line is sewn in Asian countries under a licensing agreement with G-III Apparel Group Inc., which has expanded from making coats in New York’s Garment District to become a manufacturer of global scope. That method of moving $140 sheath dresses and $80 sweaters means political embarrassment for her father, who has threatened a trade war against China, the world’s second-largest economy. But she can make a profit in few other ways.
Why Asia? You know why:
The Trump clothes are sourced primarily from China and Vietnam because that’s where fabrics are made and the labor is cheap and skilled. The brand generates an estimated $100 million in sales -- a small part of G-III’s annual take of more than $2 billion, said John Kernan, an analyst for Cowen & Co.
Cheap labor, more profit. Isn’t that why Carrier was moving their manufacturing to Mexico? Isn’t that why Donald Trump has scolded companies like Apple? For manufacturing overseas? Why shouldn’t the Trump family put their money where their mouths are and start by finding a way to make their own goods right here in the U.S.A? Because it’s all about that profit and that bottom line. And as Bloomberg notes, it probably would not end well for Ivanka Trump’s clothing line:
Even if Ivanka Trump could persuade G-III to move all or part of its manufacturing to the U.S., it would dramatically increase the cost of her goods, Cohen said. And that could be a death knell.
“If you ask a person if they prefer to buy made in America, they’ll always say yes, but when it comes to shopping they don’t act that way,” Gribben said. “They want a bargain, they want a value, they want something that looks great. They never look at the label.”
Meanwhile, as a Trump transition team member, Ivanka Trump currently sits in on meetings with the very same people who will be negotiating trade deals down the line. Ones that could ultimately benefit her and the Trump family down the road. Swell.

Turncoat Trump Ran as a Populist but Will Govern as an Oligarch

Robert Reich. (photo: Steve Russell/Getty)
Robert Reich. (photo: Steve Russell/Getty)
By Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Facebook Page
30 November 16
rump ran as a populist but will govern as an oligarch. For Treasury Secretary he’s naming private-equity investor and former Goldman Sachs executive Steven Mnuchin.

When campaigning Trump frequently blasted Wall Street’s big banks — Goldman Sachs in particular — and promised to reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act that once separated retail and investment banks. He repeatedly claimed the system is rigged, that hedge fund managers are “getting away with murder,” that he’d “tax Wall Street," that Hillary Clinton was too cozy with the banks, and that her vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine was “owned by the banks.” He closed his campaign with an ad bashing Goldman Sachs.

Now he’s opting for someone who was deeply involved in running the bank that was at the heart of the subprime housing bust that led to the bailout of the Street.

Trump is well on the way to having the wealthiest cabinet in memory. Last week he named Michigan billionaire Betsy DeVos his pick for education secretary. He’s also expected to nominate industrialist billionaire Wilbur Ross to lead the Commerce Department. Goodbye, populism. Hello, oligarchy.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Republicans plan to hand Medicare over to greedy insurance companies

President Pussygrabber plans to become President Medicaregrabber

Medicare is a fundamental tool of economic security – a guarantee that seniors will not be denied health care just because they can’t afford it. But Republicans in Congress, led by House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, are making plans right now to privatize Medicare and hand it over to greedy insurance companies.

The fight over the future of Medicare could come to a head as soon as the next session of Congress starts in January.

Speaker Ryan has wanted to destroy Medicare for years. His ultimate goal is to end Medicare as we know it and replace it with a privatized program in which seniors would get federal vouchers to help offset the cost of premiums charged by commercial insurance plans. It’s a trick designed to create the appearance of cutting costs by shifting some of the financial burden from the federal government to America’s seniors.

During the campaign, Trump repeatedly pledged that he would not attack Medicare. But then, just two weeks after the election, his senior adviser Kellyanne Conway admitted that he would “take a look at Speaker Ryan’s proposal.” One thing’s for certain: We can’t trust Trump, Rep. Ryan or Sen. McConnell to do what’s right for America’s seniors.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi is adamant that Democrats in Congress will remain united in opposing the imminent Republican attack on Medicare. But with Republicans in control of the White House and both chambers of Congress, we need a powerful show of grassroots opposition now to show Rep. Ryan, Sen. McConnell and Trump that we won’t tolerate any attacks on Medicare or the rest of our social safety net.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Maybe a Trump Presidency Is What God Intended

President-elect Donald Trump. (photo: Jabin Botsford/WP)
President-elect Donald Trump. (photo: Jabin Botsford/WP)
It does seem like the very thing God might do. Put an idiot in charge and cluster his clueless children around him and a coterie of old hacks and opportunists and thereby teach us haughty journalists a lesson.

By Garrison Keillor, The Washington Post
01 December 16
o many Trumpists have written in since the election, and I am grateful for their interest and also impressed by the sheer variety of their profanity. I never learned to swear that well because by the time my mother died, at 97, it was too late for me to learn. I gather from the letters that these people’s lives were devastated by the advent of gay marriage, political correctness, the threat of gun control and the arrogance of liberals, and now a champion rises from Fifth Avenue and 56th Street, and God forbid that any dog should bark when he speaks or any pigeon drop white matter on his limousine.

What the letter-writers don’t grasp is that cursing is highly effective in person — someone kicks his car in rage, forgetting he’s wearing flip-flops, and flames pour from his mouth, and it’s impressive. But you see it in print, and it’s just ugly. It makes you pity the writer’s wife.

It’s not good form to curse at someone you’ve just defeated. That is why the president-elect made it clear he would not be waterboarding Hillary Clinton or sending her back to Mexico. He was gracious in victory and said the Clintons are “good people.” Several of his biggest applause lines seem to have been put back in the box. And his base is faced with the possibility that they may have elected a Manchurian. They know that he was a Democrat for most of his life and that the sight of Adam and Steve holding hands does not fill him with loathing. He is, after all, a New Yorker; he’s not from Tulsa. He likes drama. Maybe he’ll appoint his sister to the Supreme Court. Maybe he would rather row than wade. Maybe the Republicans will privatize the Pentagon, and maybe the Chinese will be the low bidder. Why not run the Marines like a business? Put the “deal” back into “idealism.”

Meanwhile, Chris Christie waits for the prosecutor to call and summon him to a low-ceilinged room with fluorescent lights and ask him pointed questions for the good man to answer under oath and say the same things he’s said in public, that he had nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with those orange highway cones. Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani waits for his phone to ring, the mayor who put his emergency command center on the 23rd floor of the World Trade Center, over the objections of the police department, and later started his own security consulting company. This is a new level of chutzpah. This is like the captain of the Titanic, had he survived, writing a book about the art of navigation.

My first election was 1948, when we stayed up late listening to returns on a Zenith radio, in our basement home in the cornfields north of Minneapolis. Mother was content with Harry Truman’s victory, believing that he cared about the poor, and Dad was dubious of politicians in general and Democrats in particular. It was interesting for a child to sense this division, though my parents were gentle people and evangelical Christians who refrained from voting, on the assumption that the Lord was in charge and would put into power whomever He wished. If you voted, you might vote against the Lord’s Will.

Their reasoning seemed shaky to me — it seemed to argue that one should not get out of bed in the morning lest you eat the wrong cereal for breakfast — but I’ve inherited some of their fatalism. Maybe God did choose this bloated narcissist and compulsive liar and con man to be president, and maybe He will send a couple of Corinthians to light his pathway.

I have my doubts. You grow up to be skeptical of the hormone treatment that eliminates wrinkles, the metal detector that will locate buried treasure, the school that will teach you the secrets of getting rich, the great leader who will make the country great again.

But it does seem like the very thing God might do. Put an idiot in charge and cluster his clueless children around him and a coterie of old hacks and opportunists and thereby teach us haughty journalists a lesson. God made Balaam’s donkey open its mouth and say, “Quit hitting me, stupid.” And if He could do that, He could make this moose a halfway-decent president.

Meanwhile, blessings on all who cursed me. May you thrive and prosper. I hope you have not cursed your children.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton Catches Up by 23,700 Votes in Pennsylvania - Before Recount Even Begins

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former U.S. president Bill Clinton greet supporters during a primary night gathering on April 26 in Philadelphia. (photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former U.S. president Bill Clinton greet supporters during a primary night gathering on April 26 in Philadelphia. (photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Now we know why The Donald is scared and trying to stop the recounts

By Bill Palmer, Palmer Report

02 December 16

ith a recount effort now underway in the three razor-tight swing states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, it turns out Hillary Clinton has already moved closer to winning those states than had originally been announced. In the past two weeks Michigan and Wisconsin have both voluntarily revised the size of Donald Trump’s “win” downward by thousands of votes each. And now Pennsylvania has shrunk the size of Trump’s win by tens of thousands of votes.

It’s important to understand that these revisions have been made by the states before the recounts even got underway. These shifts in the vote totals have been based on precincts revising their own numbers, either because they caught errors of their own accord, or in some instances because internet gawkers spotted numerical impossibilities that forced those precincts to check themselves. But the sudden shift in Pennsylvania voting totals is dramatic, in that it wipes out around one-third of Trump’s lead in the state ahead of the recount.

Here’s what happened: according to this USA Today article and several other sources, the vote totals in Pennsylvania had Donald Trump winning by 70,638 votes – a number which was often quoted as a reason for why Hillary Clinton would supposedly have no chance of flipping the state in a recount. But earlier today, the respected Decision Desk HQ posted the newly revised totals from Pennsylvania, which have Donald Trump ahead by just 46,938 votes. That means Trump’s lead in the state has now shrunk by 23,700 votes, based on what it says are newly revised numbers out of Philadelphia.

Again, this massive shift in Hillary Clinton’s direction in Pennsylvania is coming before the recount, based on precincts making their own revisions. It’s notable that all three states in question have now revised their totals sharply in Clinton’s favor before any statewide recounting. Clinton has caught up by more than two thousand votes in Michigan, and caught up by more than five thousand votes in Wisconsin – and now by more than 23,000 votes in Pennsylvania. These were all due to initial errors in Trump’s favor, which have now been corrected. How many more such errors will the recounts uncover?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Donald Trump Claims He Won the Popular Vote, Which He Lost by More Than 2 Million Votes

Donald Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton, and it wasn't all that close. (photo: AP)
Donald Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton, and it wasn't all that close. (photo: AP)

By Adam Peck, ThinkProgress
28 November 16
The president-elect baselessly claimed that millions of voters were illegal.

here are many things Donald Trump can say about this month’s election after beating expectations and claiming enough electoral votes to seize the White House.

One thing he can’t: that he won a majority of votes.

Despite a comfortable win in the electoral college, Trump is trailing Hillary Clinton in the popular vote by more than two million votes, a margin that is only growing.

But on Sunday, Donald Trump claimed on Twitter that he had in fact won the popular vote because “millions” of votes were cast illegally.

Donald Trump presented no evidence to support his outlandish claim, and that’s because none exists. There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in this or any presidential election, and certainly not on the order of “millions of people.” One of the only documented cases of actual voter fraud in this election came when a Trump supporter tried to vote for him twice.

Hillary Clinton’s lead in the popular vote has grown significantly since Election Day as large states like California continue to tally their votes. Her margin of victory now stands at more than two million votes, by far the largest gap by a presidential candidate who lost the election.

Trump supporters have pointed to fake news websites like InfoWars, which claimed that Clinton’s popular vote win was the result of three million illegal votes by undocumented immigrants and dead people. During the campaign, Trump himself repeatedly tweeted memes and fake stories from white supremacist websites as fact.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hey! Donald!! Let’s Make a Deal on Those 3 Million “Rigged” Votes and a National Recount

The cover of 'TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald' by Timothy O'Brien. (photo: Warner Books)
The cover of 'TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald' by Timothy O'Brien. (photo: Warner Books)

By Harvey Wasserman, Reader Supported News
29 November 16
onald Trump says there were 3 million fraudulent voters in a “rigged” election he lost by more than 2 million popular votes.

But he has no proof.

The solution is obvious: He should fund a 50-state recount.

He could pay for it with a tiny fraction of the windfall profits he may already have made by cashing in on his apparent title upgrade.

Trump is angry that thousands of citizens have sent $5 million in small Bernie-style donations for Jill Stein’s recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Contributions are still pouring in at

The Donald is also mad that Hillary Clinton will send lawyers (but no funding) to observe those recounts. Many are still urging her to do more via

But the burden is on Trump.

Of course he’s uncomfortable about losing the popular vote by such a large (and growing) margin. And this, of course, does not account for the thousands of black/Hispanic/Asian-American/Muslim and other citizens who were stripped from the voter rolls even though they were legally eligible.

So, Donald, here’s a win-win-win:

You’ve already made millions on the presumption that you will soon be president.

Mission accomplished.

But you’ve apparently lost the popular vote by a huge margin.

And the city of New York is now paying millions to protect you and your family at Trump Tower. You clearly don’t want the downgrade to public housing in DC.

So here’s an artful deal:

Take a tiny fraction of those profits to fund the national recount.

If those fraudulent “rigged” votes don’t really exist, and you really did lose the popular majority, just call it a day.

Take your short-term profits, concede the presidency to the popular choice, and stay a private citizen at Trump Tower, saving New York taxpayers millions in security costs.

That’s a win for Trump Inc., a win for popular democracy, and a win for New York taxpayers.

How about it, Donald. Do we have a deal?

Harvey Wasserman co-wrote THE STRIP & FLIP SELECTION OF 2016 (with Bob Fitrakis), soon to become THE STRIP & FLIP DISASTER OF AMERICA’S STOLEN ELECTIONS: FIVE JIM CROWS & ELECTRONIC ELECTION THEFT at and, where SOLARTOPIA! OUR GREEN-POWERED EARTH currently abides. He is Secretary of Energy in Jill Stein’s shadow cabinet.